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                                      Henderson Board of Directors                      
The Board is hands on and very open to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are each highly educated and well established business people who collectively make up an exceptional governing body. They volunteer their time to convene monthly to ensure the best interest of the community is being secured.
 Always remember to thank your Board - They are volunteers who deserve your support.

 Ms. Rebecca Holcombe, President 2013-2015- rrholcombe@gmail.com

Mr. FredSchlick, Treasurer appointed through annual 2014 election- fred.schlick@comcast.net

Mrs.Jolene Buchina, Secretary 2013-2015- jorefrelca@yahoo.com

Mr.Karl Ibsen- 2013-2015 kibsen58@yahoo.com

Mr. Ernest Penn 2012-2014 pennslaw@comcast.net

Mr. Robert Rupp- 2013-2015 


ARC/NCC Committee – Chair, Mr. Fred Schlick- fred.schlick@comcast.net
Members: Rebecca Holcombe, Ernest Penn, & Karl Ibsen

Contract Committee- Chair, Robert Rupp- robert.rupp@us.army.mil
Members: Rebecca Holcombe, Ernest Penn, Karl Ibsen, Fred Schlick & Jolene Buchina

LandscapeCommittee- Chair, Mr. Ernest Penn, pennslaw@comcast.net   

Neighborhood Watch- Chair, Mr. Robert Rupp-
Members: Karl Ibsen

Pool & Pavilion Committee- Chair, Mr. KarlIbsen -kibsen58@yahoo.com

Social Committee – Chair, Ms. Jolene Buchina-

Web Committee- Chair, Rebecca Holcombe- rrholcombe@gmail.com












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