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NOTE: Ms. Nora Scheer no longer is Managing Henderson as she will be focusing on nine other communities.  Mr. Glen Meyers at gmeyers@sentrymgt.com and Jofy Moore at jmoore@sentrymgt.com will be. 


Henderson Board of Directors 


The Board is hands on and very open to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are each highly educated and well established business people who collectively make up an exceptional governance structure and they convene monthly to ensure the best interest of the community is being secured.

Professionally Managed By 


Always remember to thank your Board - They are volunteers who deserve your support.

Ms. Rebecca Holcombe, President - rrholcombe@gmail.com - 2013-2015

                         Mr. Ernest Penn, Treasurerpennslaw@comcast.net     - 2012-2014

                                        Ms. Jolene Buchina, Secretary- jorefrelca@yahoo.com - 2013-2015

                         Mr. Karl Ibsen - kibsen58@yahoo.com - 2013-2015

Mr. Fred Schlick - fred.schlick@comcast.net - Appointed 8-2014 serves through Annnual of 2014

Mr. Robert Rupp - roberupp@us.army.mil - 2013 - 2015


1. ARC/NCC (Architectural Review and New Construction Committee)– Chair, Ernest Penn at pennslaw@comcast.net and Fred Schlick, at fred.schlick@comcast.net and  Karl Ibsen at kibsen58@yahoo.com as Committee Members.
(This includes tree removal requests, remember unauhtorized removal of a tree warrants a $500 fine per tree, so please gain permission fromt he Committee/Board being taking any action unless serious liability is posed.

2. Landscape & Lagoon Committee – Chair, Ms. Jolene Cain

3.  Watch Committee Chair, Robert Rupp

4. Pool Committee – Chair, Karl Ibsen

5. Social Committee Chair, Ms. Jolene Cain

6. Enforcement/Violation Committee – Chair, TBD

7. Web/Tech Committee – Chair, Karl Ibsen who will work in partnership with ATHOME.net and Sentry

Assessment Payment Information - Owner On-Line Access

This year, Sentry has made some great improvements in making more information available more easily to more people than ever before.  Throughout this year, we have brought new and innovative changes for both Board members and members of the community.

As you know, for the past 8 or 10 months everyone has been able to go online either through Sentry's website or the individual community website to make their assessment payments in a variety of ways, most at no cost to the homeowner.  Our most recent improvement provides the ability for each owner to check their individual account ledger to review their payment history as easily as making a payment online.  Residents are REQUIRED to re-authorize EVERY year the auto-debit on the account.  Please ensure you do this with your bank or assessments will be late.

The one continuing common denominator is the owner's 16-digit Account Number that can be found on the coupons that are provided to each owner.  The community website can be accessed through the Sentry website at www.sentrymgt.com.  Click on the tab Homeowners/Payments.  If this is the first time you are logging on to register on your website, please go to the right side of the page and click on Commonly Asked Questions for specific instructions on how to register.

If you are already a registered user, go through the Login process to arrive at the Home page for the Community Website.  In the upper left hand corner of the page, click on ONLINE PAYMENTS.  The SmartStreet page will appear and you will need to pick payment option 1 2 or 3.  NOTE:  YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO MAKE A PAYMENT TO VIEW YOUR LEDGER CARD.  Once you have chosen a payment option, you will need to fill in your 16 digit account number and click FIND.  Please select your account by clicking on your name.  The next screen will auto fill with your information and just below the line displaying your Association name, you will see:  View Ledger Card.  Click on this line.

The next screen will prompt you for a date to begin the display.  The date may be entered in a variety of formats, i.e. 01012010.  This date will begin the ledger card at January 1.  Once the date is entered, click Search.  Your account ledger will now display.  The information displayed may be as simple as the assessments, but may be more complex also reflecting any special assessments that may have been passed, interest and/or late fees or even legal fees if a collection action has begun.  In any case, you now have complete access to your account and can make sure that your payments have been received and applied.  If you are new to the Board, and you have not yet registered on line to view the Board Room, please ask your manager for the step by step instructions they have available.

The website is provided as a service to you through SmartStreet  and is free.  It will provide a great deal of information to your members such as an automatic Directory (created when the members log on); payments online; a community calendar; space to post a community newsletter;  your community documents, post the Minutes of your meetings, etc.  It is a very economical way of providing information and communication to the members.  It may take some prompting through hard copy newsletters to begin the trend towards using it, but it will be well worth it in terms of cost, efficiency, availability and transparency.




TREE REMOVAL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING TO SENTRY MANAGEMENT AT pennslaw@comcast.com and a physical review by Director Ernrest Penn, Karl Ibsen and Fred Schlick (emails listed above) must be performed with the owner and written permission granted before removal of any tree.  If trees are removed without the approval of the NCC and Board, it is a $500 per tree monetary penalty.

Submit a copy of all paperwork to Sentry Management at 114 Canal St. Suite 303 Pooler GA 31322 or at savannah@senytrymgt.com                        












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